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What is the Studapart Guarantee ?

In France, the rental file is the key element in your search for accommodation : it's the basis on which the landlord chooses his tenant. The file mainly contains information on your identity, your income and those of your guarantor. If the landlord asks you to subscribe to the Studapart Guarantee, it's because he needs additional guarantees compared to your application (guarantor residing in France absent and/or insufficient).

Why do landlords choose to add the Studapart Guarantee ?

Thanks to the Studapart Guarantee, the landlord is protected in the event of non-payment of up to €96,000 for students and non-students.

How much does it cost ?

The price is calculated on the basis of the desired rental period and your monthly budget for your accommodation. The minimum price is 159€ and the maximum price is 459€ for the duration of your reservation on Studapart.


To reassure renters, the Studapart Guarantee is automatically renewed at the end of your contract. It is automatically renewed for 6 months. If you stay less time, we'll reimburse you the difference.

Example: You have booked 8 months' accommodation with Studapart. At the end of the 8 months, you would like to stay for a further 2 months. In order to extend the Studapart Guarantee, you will be charged an amount equivalent to 6 months of Studapart Guarantee. After 2 months, cancel the Studapart Guarantee, and we'll refund the 4 months you paid in advance.

30 days before the expiry date of your lease, we'll send you an e-mail asking you whether you want to stay in the property or not. If we don't hear back from you, your guarantee will be automatically renewed and debited from your account.

If you wish to cancel your Studapart Guarantee, there are two options to send to resiliation@studapart.com.

1- If you intend to stay in the property, we need a letter from the landlord stating that you no longer require the Studapart Guarantee.

2- If you wish to vacate the property, or have already vacated it, you need to send us your letter of notice of departure with acknowledgement of receipt from your landlord, or the inventory of fixtures on departure.

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