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How does Studapart works ?
How does Studapart works ?
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Studapart is an online housing reservation platform that simplifies and humanizes the rental process, regardless of its duration. Every morning, we wake up to cultivate a shared culture among landlords and tenants: the better housing!

This culture reflects our identity and unites us around common values of transparency, inclusion, and kindness.

Our Services: Tools and Guarantees for a Secure Rental!

For our landlords, we are committed to providing all the tools and guarantees for a secure rental:

  • Applications that match your criteria all year round, nationwide

  • Automatic inclusion of protections against furniture damages up to €1,500 and property damages up to €3,000

  • Optionally, Studapart Guarantee against unpaid rents up to €96,000 for both students and non-students

  • The first month's rent guaranteed in case of last-minute cancellation

  • Autonomously manage your rental or get support from a team of enthusiasts

In short: handle your rental with ease through our secure interface.

As we've mentioned: no hitches!

* Studapart stands as a guarantor 👍: if you choose Studapart Guarantee, we act as a free guarantor throughout the rental period, eliminating the risk of unpaid rents.

Effective Support

To enhance your rental experience, our team is available throughout your journey, intervening at key moments to address any issues hindering your rental process (e.g., a tenant not responding to your request or not completing their rental application).

Studapart is entirely free for landlords. Fees are applied to tenants at the time of reservation, averaging €275 and varying based on the city and rental duration. These fees help fund and sustain our service.

Tenant Profile Verification

Profiles are 100% verified with the ✅ Guaranteed Profile badge, signifying certification by our team.

Golden Rules for Using Studapart

To have a positive experience at Studapart, follow some rules for a successful rental.

Communicate via Studapart Messaging

For effective intervention by our team, communication must occur directly through Studapart messaging. While you can exchange numbers for voice communication, we request keeping written communication on the site for security reasons 🚨.

Be Responsive

Responsiveness is key to a simple and effective experience. At Studapart, both tenants and landlords commit to responding to messages within 72 hours. Same when receiving a reservation proposal!

We reward the most responsive profiles, enhancing your profile and providing privileged support for community rule adherence. Conversely, a user with a low score faces disadvantages compared to others.

Reserve Online

The reservation of a property must be done online. In exchange for a 100% free and non-binding service, we ask all landlords to adhere to this rule. This commitment is made by accepting our terms and conditions during registration.

Failure to comply may result in Studapart charging missed reservation fees and suspending your account until payment.

Online reservation allows us to protect both tenants and landlords against cancellations, fraud, and damages, compensating the teams ensuring listing verification and offering support 6 days a week in multiple languages.

In Summary...

Demonstrate responsiveness by responding within 72 hours max.

Make your reservations online through the platform.

Respect the values of the community.

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