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How to contact Studapart customer service?
How to contact Studapart customer service?
Updated over a week ago

At Studapart, our commitment to our users is a priority and is reflected in our dedicated customer service. You benefit from personalized support at every stage of your journey😉. We have introduced our chatbot to better meet your needs 💬.

Our chatbot will be your preferred contact to best address your requests. Don't worry! Our advisors remain available to assist you and can directly get in touch with you if you prefer.

The Studapart Chatbot

The Studapart chatbot is your first ally in answering all your questions. With instant responses, our chatbot quickly resolves your concerns.

It has been carefully trained to handle a variety of queries and ensures an optimal user experience. Already more than 40% of questions resolved with a satisfaction rate of over 60%🤩.

Psst: It is essential to start with the chatbot whenever you have a request. If you need to speak directly to an advisor, the chatbot can connect you. This process allows us to handle your case effectively and provide you with a qualified solution!

Using the Chatbot

  • Access our chatbot at the bottom right of your screen, represented by a green dot.

  • Click on "ask a question" so that your request reaches us and is redirected to the

    appropriate services based on your situation.

  • Let the bot guide you

    • If the chatbot's response suits you, no more problems!

    • If the response does not suit you, or your situation requires human contact, we will get in touch with you within 48 hours😊.

  • You will have the opportunity to indicate whether the chatbot's response satisfies you or not to help us improve and better meet your requests.

Examples of questions handled by the chatbot

  • How does the Guaranteed Profile work?

  • What documents are required to subscribe to the Guaranteed Profile?

  • Can I use the Guaranteed Profile outside the Studapart platform?

Team availability

At Studapart, we make the rental experience simpler and more humane. We gather around common values of transparency, inclusion, and kindness: the culture of better housing!

Our team is available 5 days a week to answer all your questions. Our goal is to accompany you, provide you with support and expertise at every stage of your rental experience. Feel free to contact our customer service before, during, or after your reservation via our chatbot. Our team is here for you 😉!


In a nutshell, the Studapart chatbot is:

  • The first point of contact for any type of request

  • Personalized support

  • A quick and efficient solution

  • Advisors are ready to contact you within 48 hours via message or phone if you prefer.

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