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Interested in the Studapart Guarantee? We'll tell you all about it.
Interested in the Studapart Guarantee? We'll tell you all about it.
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Level of coverage, activation, reactivation, underwriting process. We answer all your questions.

What is the Studapart Guarantee ?

In partnership with Allianz, France's number 1 insurer, Garantie Studapart is a guarantee against unpaid rent.

Garantie Studapart covers you, with no deductible or waiting period :

  • it covers €96,000 for a student and a non-student.

When and for whom can it be activated ?

It can be activated when you book online for all tenant profiles (employees, unemployed, students, freelancers etc.) Simply tick "Studapart Guarantee" when you fill in the reservation proposal form on the platform.

Who pays for this Guarantee and how much does it cost?

The Studapart Guarantee is paid for by the tenant. The price depends on the rental period and the amount of rent. The price does not exceed €500.

Price of the Studapart Guarantee on the most common types of reservation at Studapart :

Rent price

Rental period

Studapart Guarantee


12 month



12 month



6 month



6 month


How long does it run?

The Studapart Guarantee covers you for the entire rental period. The rental period used is the one indicated in the reservation proposal that you sent to the tenant and that the latter accepted and paid for.

Good to know : if you wish to extend the rental period of a guaranteed tenant, the tenant must accept automatic renewal. The tenant is informed as soon as he/she signs up that the Studapart Guarantee will be renewed automatically as long as he/she does not indicate that he/she has vacated the property. We remind them of the renewal due date 1 month before the effective date of debit.

When the tenant automatically accepts the renewal, an email is sent to you, and the items in your Insured space are updated. Otherwise, you will receive no email from Insured.

Does it cover unpaid rent due to COVID-19 or a pandemic?

No, unfortunately the Studapart Guarantee cannot be activated in the event of non-payment due to a pandemic.

How can I obtain proof of subscription?

As soon as the tenant has paid for the booking proposal, you will receive an email from our partner Les Assurés :

  • Email sender : ne_pas_ré

  • Subject of email : Validation of your subscription to Garantie des Loyers Impayés (Unpaid Rent Guarantee).

In this email, you will receive :

  • Information leaflet explaining what to do in the event of a problem

  • Your contract

  • A link to create your "Les Assurées" space, where you will find all the information relating to your contract, and where you can take the necessary steps in the event of a problem.

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