Turning the electricity on

In old accommodation, for which the previous energy supplier agreement has been terminated, it can so be that the electricity has been cut off.

To turn it back on, you must call ERDF’s customer services (https://prix-elec.com/reseau/erdf/telephone) so that they register you to supply you with energy and organise a site visit (within 5 working days). You can request a relation or a neighbour to be present instead of you at the time of this site visit.

We recommend that you organise this visit two weeks in advance.

The costs of reinstating the meter are the same for all electricity suppliers. These costs will appear on your electricity supplier’s bill, under the section, “ERDF service”.

The electricity has not been cut off

If your electricity is still working upon your arrival into new accommodation, you must put your meter in your name, by taking out a new contract with an electricity supplier.

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