The date :  

  • On the date agreed in the lease agreement for the whole duration of the rent  
  • When the tenant gives notice, they must pay the rent and costs for the whole notice period, except for being agreed otherwise with the property owner.   
  • When the landlord/landlady gives notice, the tenant only owes rent and costs for the time during which they have actually occupied the premises during the notice period.   

Methods of payment  :

  • Most often monthly  
  • By any means (cheque, bank transfer, cash up to €1,000)  
  • No right to impose an automatic Direct Debit for the rent payment method
  • Forbidden to debit or have debited the rent out of the tenant’s wages, even with their agreement  

Debts :

  • In the event of rent or costs not being paid, the landlord/landlady has the option to claim to payment for 3 years.  
  • The security deposit paid by the tenant at the start of the rental does not justify the non-payment of the last month of rent.  

Did you know?  The partial payment of rent and costs can be a reason for terminating the lease agreement and being expelled, except for if this results from the non-payment of accommodation assistance because of non-decent accommodation.

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