Equipment  : 

  • System supplying drinking water, ensuring its distribution with sufficient pressure and flow  
  • System releasing household water and sewage preventing the backflow of odours and wastewater, fitted with a drain  
  • Kitchen or corner kitchen, including a sink connected to a facility supplying hot and cold water and a facility to release wastewater, set up to hold a cooking device  
  • Sanitary facility, including a toilet, separate from the kitchen and the room where meals are eaten, and equipment for personal hygiene, fitted with a bath or shower 
  • Facility enabling normal heating and fitted with energy supply devices and devices for releasing what is produced from combustion  
  • Electrical system, enabling sufficient lighting in all rooms and access, as well as to function current household appliances, essential for day-to-day living  

Health and safety in the rented property :  

  • Closed, covered, protected against runoff water and seepage   
  • Devices to hold people in (railings, etc.)  
  • Electricity, gas, heating and hot water networks, connections and equipment, that conform with the safety standards in force  
  • Opening and ventilation devices, suitable for the needs of standard occupation and for equipment to work  
  • Building materials, pipework and coatings for the accommodation, without a clear risk to the physical health and safety of tenants  
  • Main rooms benefiting from sufficient natural lighting and an opening, giving fresh air or over a glazed partitioning, giving fresh air  

Area :

  • At least one main room  
  • Habitable area of more than 9m² and a height under the ceiling of more than 2.20m  Or a living volume of more than 20m3.  

Appeals in the event of dispute :

  • Refer to the Departmental Conciliation Commission  

Sanctions  :

  • Forcing the landlord/landlady to carry out necessary works  
  • Imposing a rent reduction  
  • Fixing damage  

Did you know?   A tenant who lives in indecent accommodation can leave the premises without any notice.  

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