The law forbids landlords/landladies to ask for certain documents and practices.  

Documents relating to your privacy:  

  • An ID photo (except for your ID (driving licence, passport, etc.))  
  • Social Security card  
  • Criminal record certificate  
  • Divorce judgment (except for the paragraph starting with the wording, “On these grounds”, which enables you to prove the divorce)  
  • The marriage contract or cohabitation certificate  
  • Personal medical file

Supporting documents for your financial situation :

  • Certificate saying you have no current credit agreements  
  • Information contained in the national record of incidents for credit refunds to individuals, or information about not being registered in this file  
  • Certificate from the previous landlord/landlady, indicating that the tenant is up-to-date with their rent and costs, as soon as the tenant can present other supporting documents (rent receipts)  
  • Producing more than 2 statements for self-employed workers  

Illegal payments  Outside of the rent, costs and security deposit:  

  • Payment of a cheque to reserve the accommodation  
  • Discount on a frozen account through assets, items, values or a sum of money corresponding to more than 1 month of rent  

Bank documents  

  • Copy of the bank account or Post Office account statement  
  • “Proper conduct” certificate relating to the bank account or Post Office account 
  • Authorisation for an automatic Direct Debit
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