1- The perfect mix between friendliness and intimacy  

A student residence, it is a bit like a large co-rental on the scale of a building, but each person really has their own space. All you have to do is cross the corridor and you are not alone, and on the other hand, when you need a bit of peace, you can easily step back into your own little space. Student residences are, by definition, meeting places, and have all nationalities staying in them. In other words, a little day-to-day Erasmus stay!  

2- A cheaper solution in the end  

Student residences have the reputation for being expensive. But this is not true! Let’s make a point here: no van hire, no petrol to pay for the van, no furniture to buy, no countless number of stamps to buy (and especially lick!) for different administrative letters, water and internet bills already included, etc. All told, student residences are very competitive solutions, and this all the more so regarding the many services being included, like the launderette or housekeeping. It is also good to know that apartments here are eligible for APL.  

3- Ideal when you are not (yet) a homemaker  

Are you worried about a small leak? A hot plate that does not work? Don’t panic! The residence manager will always be there to help students regarding these practical questions, with which they are not completely at ease. Professionals working for the residences act very quickly. Likewise, many residences offer housekeeping. What more do you need to make you change your mind?!  

4- A truly easy accommodation solution 

It is undeniable, there is no quicker and effective way to get yourself accommodated, than to opt for student accommodation. A few clicks on the internet or a telephone call taking a few minutes enables you to guarantee yourself accommodation. Once the reservation is made, the apartment, already being fitted out and furnished, all you have left to do is put your toothbrush in the bathroom! Moreover, the conditions for access are easier than in private accommodation, particularly for students without a guarantor and for international students.  

5- Residences that look like holiday clubs 

Breakfast, a sports room, snooker, table football, concierge, cafeteria, etc. So many services worthy of Club Med, which today are available every day in student residences. A real 4-star service!  

6- Ultra well-located apartments  

Close to student campuses or right in the city centre, student residences are generally ideally located. They are also really well served by public transport. No more need to crawl on your hands and knees to get around!  

7- Security, Security, Security  

Student residences are highly secured on entering the buildings and each room. A security guard is always there to guarantee security for the students who live peacefully and enjoy their time there.  

8- Everyone is happy there  The residences only offer you tiny studios without any 

windows. WRONG! What a cliché! They have a great choice of apartments: studios, two-room and three-room apartments, and even co-rental apartments! Most student residences are really attractive as they have private accommodation: tastefully furnished, with quality and well-laid-out equipment.  

Student residences subsequently have everything needed to enchant French and international students, no more need to criticise them!

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