Yes, fees do apply when booking on Studapart. We are trying to make sure you get the best experience, and we need people to make that happen!

Here's what you pay them for:

  • Advice. Our multilingual support team will be happy to help 6/7days. By the way, they know quite a lot about the housing market in various cities... try them!
  • Security. Your online payment is secured, and we do everything in our power to make sure your accommodation is too. We will always fight to put another roof over your head in the unfortunate event of a last minute cancellation. 
  • Guarantee. Most landlords don't rent their place unless their tenant has a guarantor in France. We'll be your guarantor in case you don't have any.

Other than that, the amount depends on the length of your stay and which kind of lessor rents you your accommodation. Additional application fees apply if you book with a student residence or a real estate agency. 

You will find the detailed fees applying to your situation when browsing accommodation options on the platform.

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