Start by Applying for accommodation you are interested in. Accommodation you applied for appear in your Messages. Once you have made your choice and are ready to book, go to your Messages and click on the accommodation you wish to book, then Pre-book.

You will be redirected to a page where you can make your pre-booking by proceeding to a bank imprint. With a bank imprint, Studapart stores your payment but you aren’t charged anything yet.

⚠️ Even if the amount is not debited until the reservation is confirmed, your bank may temporarily block the amount.

If the renter accepts your pre-booking request

The booking is confirmed and you are charged with the first month’s rent, booking fees and Guarantee fees if you have purchased the Studapart Guarantee or if the renter has required it.

If the renter cancels or declines your pre-booking request

The bank imprint is cancelled and you aren’t charged anything

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