What is the Studapart Certification for?

In France, the rental record is a milestone in your search for accommodation: the renter relies on it to choose his tenant. The record mainly contains information related to your identity, your income and the income of your guarantor.

It is recommended to have a strong record to find accommodation as it reassures renters. The Studapart Certification boosts your record and allows you to rent 3 times faster. Your profile appears as “certified” with a special badge, and you become freely eligible to the Studapart Guarantee. With the Studapart Guarantee, Studapart in partnership with Allianz becomes your guarantor over the whole duration of your rent.

How do I get the Studapart Certification?

Go to Studapart >> menu >> Studapart Certification

Follow the steps listed on the page.

Once you subscribed your Certification, a badge will appear on your profile and renters will see your profile as certified, and won’t be able to require any additional guarantee.

Studapart can become your guarantor but your Certification is not exclusive to Studapart renters: you can use it to search outside Studapart! To do so, we will issue a document that you can add to your record in order to present landlords, real estate agencies or student residences with a comprehensive application, on Studapart or outside.

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