Cancellations due to force majeure refer to exceptional situations such as:

  • Unhealthy accommodation (specific risks; humidity or ventilation anomalies; lack of global cleanliness; faulty housing structure...).
  • Accommodation unfit for rent (habitable space inferior to 9m² or ceiling height less than 2.20m; pest infestation; risks to health or physical safety of the occupant; insufficient energy performance, insufficient equipment).
  • Accommodation has become uninhabitable as a result of an external event (natural disasters, water damage).
  • A landlord who does not answer within 5 days or less of the date of arrival of the tenant in the accommodation.
  • Accommodation no longer available due to several bookings made at the same time.
  • Accommodation no longer available because the landlord keeps it for personal reasons.
  • Accommodation no longer available due to a misuse of the platform.
  • A landlord who does not respect legal procedures for renting.

⚠️ Declined visa or non-admission in a school are not cases of force majeure.

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