What is a guarantor?

A guarantor is a person, sometimes an organization, who recognizes the tenant is trustworthy by vouching for him. It helps the owner gain trust in the tenant's profile. 

A french peculiarity

It's strongly recommended to have a guarantor to search for accommodation in France as it is almost systematically requested by lessors. In most cases, lessors require that the guarantor's income is domiciled in France and that he pays tax in France out of convenience. Therefore, the guarantor has to be french. 

Studapart asks you if you have a french guarantor because this has an impact on your search for accommodation and  the answers you will get from landlords. It's important that you enter this information correctly so that we can make your search easier. 

What if I don't have a french guarantor? 

No worries! With the Studapart guarantee, Studapart can vouch for you and act as your guarantor over the entire duration of your stay. The Studapart Guarantee can be used for accommodation booked on the Studapart platform, but also elsewhere. 

There are several ways you can request the Studapart guarantee: 

  •  By going to the platform >> menu >> Studapart Guarantee. You will find all the instructions for subscribing the guarantee on this page. 
  • When booking an accommodation online on Studapart. 
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