1 - What is a "guarantor" ? 

A guarantor is the person who will provide a guarantee that the rent will be paid.

In fact, for students, the guarantor is usually the one who pays the rent.

2 - "The guarantor" : a french specificity

In France, some landlords want an additional guarantee to rent their property. They can request a rental record including a French guarantor, which means someone who pays taxes in France.

3 - If I don't have a French guarantor ...

If you do not have a French guarantor, Studapart will offer you some accommodation options that do not require a French guarantor.

4 - If I have a French guarantor ...

If you have one or more French guarantors, you are eligible to all the accommodation on the French market. 

Studapart can guide you towards the accommodation you are eligible for depending on your rental record. Thus, your search for accommodation gets easier and we help you avoid any potential refusal.

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