The simple answer is someone who is prepared to pay your rent should you default. In some cases the rent guarantor also agrees to cover damages to the property. The ‘French' part of this role is also an important aspect to consider as we will see now.

When and why is a French guarantor required?

A rent guarantor, or sometimes two guarantors, is a requirement that many landlords insist on whenever a new rental property is being applied for. It is a common tool used by landlords to ensure the new tenant will not default on rent or property damages, not a comment on a new tenants status or a lack of trust.
If you can’t provide a qualifying French guarantor, you may be asked to pay up to twelve months rent upfront. This can leave less bargaining power if something goes wrong in your accommodation.

Who can be my guarantor?

Finding someone to act as a French guarantor can be a difficult obstacle in the process of securing somewhere to rent in France. There are several requirements that a guarantor must meet listed below:
Be between the age of 18 and 75

  • Have a good credit history
  • Have a monthly salary of three times your rent
  • Be a French resident
  • A family member in most cases

What are my options if I cannot provide a French Guarantor?

Don’t despair, Studapart, together with your host school or university, can be your guarantor for the time of your stay in France. We only require two things:

  • You should be a student of our partner universities or schools and have uploaded your documents on the platform (your school certificate or admission letter and your ID)
  • You need to complete your booking on the platform, for us to issue the guarantee certificate

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